Meet Vox Gaming

Meet The Management


Position - CEO of Vox Gaming

Inc created Vox Gaming in 2011, previously under the name Blood Sworn Gaming. After much deliberation the name was changed in early 2012. Growing up in New Brunswick, Canada, Inc started gaming around the age of 10, and stuck with it ever since. An avid RPG enthusiast, Inc enjoys many Moba and RPG centric games.

Inc channels the powers of the void, granting him +300% volume to his vocal chords. He then shouts the enemy into submission with such phrases as " I FIGHT FOR MY FRIENDS! I HAVE FRIENDS! YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS" and " JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN! ". This causes mass enemy confusion, as he is not even Japanese. The enemy team immediately surrenders, causing Inc to win the game.


Position - Vice President6225161.jpg

War joined Vox in early 2011 as one of the first members on the Vox league team. Quickly realizing the potential of the Community, War joined Inc in creating the gaming community now known as Vox Gaming. Bringing experience in FPS games, along with Mobas, War makes an excellent contribution to the community.

Ultimate - Shockwave
War channels the fury of his ancestors, granting him bonus attack speed, as long as his target is a computer monitor. He can only do this when his team is behind on tower kills. War then slams the monitor with such force, that he sends a shockwave across the internet, and into the opponents computer, causing it to blue screen. With all 5 opponents blue screened, War uses his bonus attack speed to take towers in three melee swings, and wins his team the game.

107460.jpgPosition - Human Resources / Operations

Anajriel joined Vox in early 2011 as one of the first official members. Since then, she has taken on various responsibilities that help keep Vox running, including Vent Management, Art content and much more. Anajriel brings a variety of RPG experience to the table, having played RPGS like Diablo and Lord of the Rings Online. 

Ultimate - Overwork
Anajriel becomes immune to all CC abilities for the next 3 hours, as she has way too much work to do, to be concerned with CC. While Overwork is active, Stamina regeneration is also increased by 400%.  While in Overwork, any attempt to contact Anajriel, is met with a swift buddah palm to the throat, which automatically kicks the opponent from REAL LIFE!!! (We are unsure of how the ultimate progresses from here, as no one has returned from the buddah palm to explain it to us. Sorry.)

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